Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Moose, Mouse and Chips

Feb. 18- Finalize idea and begin Comprehensive (generate photo reference)
Feb. 20-Work on Comprehensive
Feb. 25-Comprehensive Due at the beginning of class (must be approved before moving to final)
Begin transfer to illustration board
Feb. 27-Comprehensive Edit Due and/or paint day
March 4-Paint Day
March 6- Paint day
March 11- Final due at the beginning of class

15 x 20

oils on Strathmore illustration board

Monday, September 8, 2014

Sketchbook assignments

Nine things to illustrate

These are your weekly sketchbook assignments due at the beginning of each class on Monday.

Objectives: be creative, challenge yourself, demonstrate an ability to draw and make drawings that advance your academic level
( will be graded)

1. Object in public place (from life) Due: Monday, September 15

2. Portrait of Tom Cruise as a cowboy

3. Organic subject

4. Inorganic subject

5. Something moving

6. Anthropomorphic portrait

7. Distill an article or passage from a book into a primary and secondary visual concept

8. Illustrate opposites

9. Wild-card

Creative process

print it and paste it

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Reviews illustration

Create an illustration for the Rolling Stone Reviews page-

Research Reviews pages
Select a musician or band to illustrate (past or present)
Use the creative process, each stage needs to be approved before you advance
Manage your time

Note the unusual print size: 5 x 8 inches, requires consideration for an unusual composition

Medium: oils plus one. (In addition to oils, you can include a second medium)
Illustration size: 10 x 16

Thumbs-April 10
Comp.-April 22
Final April 29

Monday, March 31, 2014

Monday, March 10, 2014

Theme Illustration

Select one of the themes listed below and develop an illustration.

1. Urban Space Cowboy

2. Isolation

3. Medical Mechanic

4. Fake

5. Aliens Eating Zombies

5. Hair

6. Famous 70s disco song

In addition to illustrating the theme, the picture needs to include at least one human element and one inorganic element.
Value and Composition:
Using the major elements of the illustration, create and establish a solid value pattern consisting of a light, medium and dark value.
The value pattern should represent a simplified arrangement of the illustration with the goal to organize the elements of the picture, and the value pattern should establish a foreground, middle-ground and background of the picture. In addition, the value pattern should help guide the viewer through the picture and to the focal point.
Links regarding value structure:

Required to art direct (design) and shoot at least one of your own reference photos- (no flash)

Manage the project and your time

Find ways to use color and shape as visual devices to help support the point of the illustration

Size: no smaller than 15 x 20 inches
Color: a must
Medium oils

What's Due:
Ten thumbs- 3/13 due at the end of class
Half size rough, establish value pattern-3/18 for a grade
Finished Comp. plus photo(s) -3/25 due for a grade at the beginning of class
Paint day: 3/27, for a grade
Paint day: 4//1, for a grade
Final: 4/3

Tuesday, December 17, 2013